Animal Jam is an exciting online browser playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors. Players create and customize their own animal characters and dens, chat with friends, adopt pets, team up for adventures, and feed their curiosity about animals and the natural world around them. Animal Jam was created by WildWorks in collaboration with National Geographic Society. They are trying to inspire children to explore and protect the natural world outside their own doors, making science accessible and fun. The game features classic playground role playing with the life sciences. Players can collect fun facts in their journey books, learn about Animals and talk to real scientist.

Animal Jam Key Features

Free To Play - The game is free to play. To keep the game advertising free, they do offer memberships for players who want access to additional animals, accessories etc. etc, but you do not need to buy a thing if you do not want to!

Safe And Social - The kids who play Animal Jam are able to make new friends in an online safe environment where they can play games together, go to parties or completing adventures as a team!

Educational - Animal Jam mixes education and excitement, in such a way that kids have to work together to complete some activities. Without knowing, the kids are learning a lot about the world. Learning by playing nothing is more fun!