Anno Online is a free-to-play strategy simulation game that lets you build and develop big medieval cities. No download is required; you can experience a complex city simulation directly in your browser! Anno Online upholds the traditional in-depth economics that are the hallmarks of the award winning Anno franchise, and invites players to manage cities to an extent never before seen in any browser game. The key element in Anno Online is that the player controls his or hers main island. With this island, you will build your own commercial empire by satisfying the needs of your population, constructing new buildings and managing the production line. Unlock new buildings as you go, and meet the challenges that both the environment and the population will demand of you. Soon enough, one island will not be enough for you, and you will go out and discover additional islands around you. You can claim these islands, and connect them via a ship trading route to your main island. Players will have the opportunity to be part of a giant empire and congregate in powerful guilds to work towards joint goals and server-wide quests!

Anno Online Key Features

Build Monumental Cities - Construct an empire and advance your civilization! As your city grows, the demands of your population will change; can you meet them?

Cooperative Gameplay - Play alone, or team up with friends to construct an empire!

Customizable Content - Players in Anno Online have considerable freedom when it comes to creating custom content!

Trading - Trade with other islands and empires to strengthen your economies!