Antaria Online is a cross-platform indie fantasy MMORPG where players can freely switch between jobs, explore a wide open world, and much more. Developed with community feedback and considerations in mind, Antaria Online is being shaped by the players at every step of development. Your character washes up on the shoreline of a strange and deserted island, and you must be ready to face monsters and other challenges if you want to survive! Complete challenging quests, advance in power, earn or craft new gear, and go from zero to hero! With a system that allows every character to perform every job in game, your character is prepared to face all the challenges ahead; are you?

Antaria Online Key Features

Choose Your Job Anytime - Three character jobs are available; the Adventurer, the Bandit, and the Crusader. You can switch between the jobs anytime in Port Aria, so have no fear about choosing the "wrong" one!

Explore The World - Explore the hub city of Port Aria, where services such as a bank can be found. The city is also your gateway to five different PVE zones full of quests and monsters!

A True MMORPG Experience - Buy and sell things on a player market. Team up with other players to take on tough bosses. Hang out and chat, craft loads of items, and much more! Antaria Online offers plenty to do, solo or as part of a team.