Antraxx is a massively multiplayer free to play browser based mech shooter with a heavy emphasis on teamwork and replayability. A next-generation isometric game with a completely 3D engine rendering hand-drawn pixel art with dynamic lighting, shadows, positional audio and a refined control scheme, Antraxx blends nostalgia with modern gameplay depth and degree of control. With completely customizable mechs and zones, players have a very high amount of freedom - and battles a high degree of unpredictability. Boasting multiple game modes and in-depth faction politics and economy systems, you play the game however you wish; will you play politics? Manipulate markets? Or simply blow your enemies to smithereens?

Antraxx Key Features

Brilliant Pixel Graphics - Crisp, high quality pixel art hints at the mech games of old.

Browser Or Download - Play how you wish, when you wish, and where you wish!

Massively Multiplayer - Play with and against friends from around the world.

Customize Your Mech - Equip your mech with weapons and equipment, and tailor it to your style.

Political Depth - Create your own faction or join another!

Create Your Own Maps - Acquire land and build your own zone. Sandbox lovers, rejoice!

Allies And Enemies - Annihilate your opponents or make peace. It's all up to you.

Corner The Market - Player driven world economy.

Multiple Game Modes - Team-based, free for all and co-op game modes