Arcanists is a free to play 2D combat MMO similar to Worms and BBTanks – but with wizards and magic! You can design and train your very own Arcanist and compete in the Arcane Tournament to earn achievements and win wands. These wands you win from each rated game can be used to expand your spellbook, which increases your power and flexibility. Play this multiplayer strategy game with players from all over the world, each with their own strategies and dangers, in six different arenas. Use your spells to defend yourself and deal damage to your foes, and cut loose! Arcanists is free to play, though certain spells are exclusive to paying members. Do you have the skill and creativity to be the last wizard standing?

Arcanists Key Features

Expand Your Spellbook - Players in Arcanists can learn to call upon the mystical power of 22 different spell; some protect you, some roast your opponents, and some which can even summon minions!

Ranked And Unranked Modes -Players can participate in unranked games to perfect their strategies and play with friends, or ranked games where they can earn standings and new wands!

Multiplayer Mayhem - Play in team (2v2 and 3v3) and Free For All games in six different arenas, and simply have fun blasting yourself and yourfriends to bits; sometimes, violence IS the answer! Earn achievements and show your stuff!