Arcfall is a sandbox-style MMORPG where you can fight, craft, explore, and live in a game with a style that captures old school RPG games with modern quality. Arcfall is a purely skilled based game, and every action and decision you make adds to the growth of your character. Expand your network to include friends in your own guild and raid others in the PvP zones to gain their riches or steal from their homes, or even attack others outside PvP zones! No matter what you choose to do, what facets of an MMORPG you enjoy the most, you can do it in Arcfall.

Arcfall Key Features

Skill-Based Character Development - Your character develops according to what you do. If you like crafting, your crafting skills will grow. Enjoy combat? Your combat skills will develop. You can make the exact character you want to play!

Lots To Do - If you do not enjoy combat, you'll still find plenty to do in Arcfall. Become a crafter and forge the best weapons and armor. Take up the mantle of a trader and send goods between towns, and make a fortune in the player-controlled economy. Build a house and decorate it to your desires! Whatever you enjoy, you can do it here!

Sail The Seas - You can even build a ship and set out for adventure on the waves! Sail across the world on your own warship and take on pirates on the open seas, or export goods to other towns and sell them at a profit. The world lies open before you!

Risk Vs. Reward - Actions have consequences, and actions which lead to character death even more so! When you die, others can freely loot all your items. PvP can happen nearly anywhere, but beware! Attacking others outside dedicated PvP areas will get you branded as a murderer, making it so other players may hunt you down and kill you.