Archangel is a virtual reality science fiction shooter which puts you in control of a gigantic battle mech known as an Archangel. Drop into the cockpit of one of these six-story tall Archangels and blast your enemies to bits with a wide array of weapons. In this action-packed, story-driven shooter, you and your squad are the last hope to stop a tyrannical corporation from controlling post-apocalyptic America. You must pilot your Archangel safety through enemy lines and fortifications to a deep and hidden safe site, so the resistance can replicate the machine and finally fight back.

Archangel Key Features

Pilot A Giant Mech - Climb into the cockpit of a gigantic war mech and get ready to fight. A wide array of weapons, from particle cannons to missiles to machine guns, are at your fingertips. You will need them.

Immersive Experience - Who doesn't like climbing into a giant robotic mech and blowing things to bits? Now, you can do it in Virtual Reality, and be a part of the action as never before.

Intense Story - Fight through a story mode as you and your Archangel battle to save the world. Enter an arena mode to earn upgrades and extras. The world depends on you!