Archlord is a Free-to-Play Fantasy MMORPG which offers 3 races, 8 classes and some of the most hardcore Player vs. Player ever seen in an MMO. Several large content updates (including one that made it free-to-play) have turned Archlord into a PvP MMORPG that rewards the strong and forgets the weak. Players can not only learn to master the brutal, fast-paced, and demanding PvP content, but they can also make new friends, join new guilds, and carve their name into the annals of history. With a fantastic world, a breathtaking soundtrack, and immersive PvP oriented gameplay, Archlord caters to the most demanding MMORPG enthusiasts; are you among their number?

Archlord Key Features

Community - Since the official launch, Webzen worked hard to build a strong community and gaming environment through new content updates and various events.The community is close knit and supportive!

Wonderful Soundtrack - With a soundtrack created by the London Symphony Orchestra, Archlord delivers an immersive experience both graphically and audibly. The soundtrack is among the best ever in the world of gaming!

Diverse Characters - With 3 races and 8 classes, there are plenty of options for every player and playstyle. The PvP focused gameplay is demanding and intense; be sure you pick a path which best suits you!

Enduring Legacy - The story continues! Iterested players should check out the sequel, Archlord 2.This is an all new and improved version which still includes tantilizing PVP and the battle among players to be at the top.