Archlord 2 is the latest fantasy PvP MMORPG from WEBZEN. Archlord 2 blends elements of traditional MMORPGs and gear-grinding games, while focusing mostly on a fun and fast-paced PvP environment with lots of variety and unique game features. The game is the spiritual and direct successor to the popular and demanding hardcore PvP MMORPG Archlord, and brings all the skill-intense PvP players into a new game with improved graphics, streamlined gameplay, and more content. In particular, Archlord 2 features more PvE content than the original Archlord, giving players a greater variety of activities to enjoy in-game.

Archlord 2 Key Features

PvP And PvE - Immerse yourself in the rich universe of Archlord 2 and access the varied PvP content through quick quest-based leveling. Instantly join parties for fast-paced, instanced PvP Battlegrounds and PvE content for both parties and raids.

Play The Way You Want - Participate in massive battles that offer a variety of playstyles and tactics and place you in a conflict between two warring factions. Emerge victorious and be the last one standing to become the Archlord, the supreme ruler of the world of Chantra.

The World Of Chantra - Chantra was created by a race of powerful god-like beings with the help of an ancient crystal artifact bundling the energy that permeates the universe. They created the world of Chantra and gave form to the stars, the lands, seas and mountains. After their labor, the gods needed to rest and went to their eternal palace to slumber. However, they created a powerful being – the Archlord – to safeguard and guide the destiny of their new creation.