Arctic Combat is a free-to-play shooter MMO set in a period where the world races for the last known source of fuel, the Arctic. Arctic Combat is Webzen's first military FPS game, in development since 2007. The game puts players into the role of soldiers fighting World War III, which is caused by international disputes over natural resources Featuring action-packed combat, running on Unreal Engine 2.5 and a great soundtrack, Arctic Combat is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated FPS game in Korea for its tactical and strategic battlefield, its combat based on various personal skills, breathtaking graphics and more. Can you survive intense combat in the most hostile environment on Earth?

Arctic Combat Key Features

Team Based Combat - Arctic Combat's Demolition mode has two separate teams where one side is the Attack Team and the other side is the Defense Team. From there each team will have a mission to destroy a target or stop others from destroying this target. They will be able to choose between different bomb carrier and a variety of settings available for the mode. These teams change sides in a cycle which keeps the team balance for the game.

Gripping Story - Arctic Combat revolves around the story of a national conflict between two groups; the Allied Forces (AF) - led by the United States, and the Red Star Alliance (RSA) - led by Russia. What begins as a dispute over natural resources in the arctic leads to a violent clash between the AF and RSA, dividing the world into two opposing forces and marking the beginning of World War III.

Note: As of September 2, 2013 GST, we regret to inform you that the battlegrounds of AC will no longer be available to join, as Webzen has shut the game down.