Arena of Fate is a free-to-play MOBA from Crytek, pitting iconic heroes against each other in fast-paced, time-limited battles for up to 10 players. A lone person can change history, but it takes a whole team of heroes to alter fate! Arena of Fate invites you to play your part in 5 Vs 5 match-ups unlike anything you've experienced before, as the likes of Little Red Riding Hood, Joan of Arc, Nikola Tesla and many more come together to redefine the meaning of "dream team". With so many high-powered heroes to choose from the possibilities are almost endless, and the battles are always legendary. When the action gets underway in the arena, you'll discover a fast-paced combat experience that is instantly accessible for new players but deep enough to captivate veteran campaigners too. With each battle lasting a maximum of 20 minutes, there's always time for a quick game with friends, and an intense focus on making an impact before the seconds slip away. In this arena, time is of the essence, and fireworks are guaranteed!

Arena of Fate Key Features

Arena - there are two teams, five players each, fighting over control of the map. The lanes have a series of towers that must be destroyed, and waves of AI-controlled minions make their way down the lanes toward the enemy base. Each player controls a hero that can use powerful abilities.

Traits - Heroes gain gold as the match progresses and when enough gold is accumulated the players earn the right to acquire a new trait. To activate the new trait the hero needs only stay stationary and unharmed for a few seconds. Traits provide boost to max health, add lifesteal and have other similar effects.

Roles - When the match starts each player has to choose one of the seven hero roles. The role determines the player's position on the team. The Breaker role helps in the destruction of towers while the Keeper role helps defending them.

Famous Characters - From Cleopatra to Jack the Ripper, from Robin Hood to Little Red Riding Hood, Arena of Fate features colorful characters both historical and fictional; who will your favorite be?