Arena of Heroes is a multiplayer, turn-based tactics game. Battle with a team of 4 Heroes against your enemy and kill minions, topple Sentry towers and ultimately destroy the opponent’s Power Core! Choose from a variety of heroes to unlock and customize them with skins! Arena of Heroes is Free-to-Play on PC, Mac, and iPad. Stay tuned – the game is updated continuously with new heroes and other content.

Collect your Heroes and lead them to victory in the intergalactic turn-based battle arena! Play in Realtime or Asynchronously against your friends and foes, or test your tactics against the A.I. in fierce single-player modes. If you are up to the challenge... climb the PVP Ranks to become a champion of the Arena!Download and begin your tactical domination NOW!

Arena of Heroes is 100% Free-to-Play and currently available on PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Soon, within a few short weeks, we’ll also be hosted on the Web (Facebook, Kongregate, Google+, etc.) as well as Android, and eventually on the Windows Surface and Phone. And so, your account and games can be transferred between any of these devices seamlessly, and even mid-battle if you prefer.

Arena Of Heroes Key Features

True Free To Play - 100% Free to play, no strings attached

Turn Based - Turn-Based tactical combat lets you think before you act.

Many Modes - With epic Single-Player and PVP modes, Arena of Heroes has something for everyone!

Lots of Heroes - Expanding line of Heroes; currently 35 Heroes to choose from!

Community - Robust community with new content daily!

Much More - Realtime, Asynch, and A.I. game modes, as well as Global and Division Leaderboards with monthly prizes!