Arenas of Glory is a free to play action 3D browser game in which players take control of one of three different gladiator-like characters and face off against other players in the arena. Mastering the arena is no simple task; you must know yourself and your skills, you must know the skills and capabilities of those you fight, and you must be able to make decisions quicky! Only players capable of decisive action and ruthless perseverance have any chance of climbing to the top of one of the ranked leagues. Fight alone or alongside clanmates as you pursue glory in the arena. Along the way, you can master your own playstyle, craft unique types of weapons and armor, and even unlock one of 11 different titles if you do well enough. Do you have the guts and skills to win in the Arenas of Glory?

**Arenas Of Glory Key Features** **Bring Down The Emperor** - Your goal in Arenas of Glory is to convert the people to your column in order to bring down the Emperor.

The Power Of The People - You have the task of proving yourself in battle to gain the support of the people. Only if they are on your side you will have a chance against the mighty Emperor of Arenas of Glory.

Your Tactics, Your Battle - You will face increasingly fierce and bloody battles, and come closer to your goal of overturning the Emperor; be cautious! Only with strength and cleverness you have a chance of succeeding in Arenas of Glory.