Argo is a free to play standalone expansion and total conversion of classic shooter Arma 3, with the same lethal combat and focus on teamwork. Argo is, like its predecessor, a tactical shooter which demands the absolute best from its players; one small error is all that stands between you and a bullet. Argo is a sandbox shooter with a map covering 62 square kilometers of unrestricted terrain, and combat so lethal that one bullet is all it takes. Players must work together if they hope to consistently win; losing a single team member can spell disaster for the entire team.

Argo Key Features

Make Your Mark - Choose one of two rival mercenary factions and take up arms. You start out as a rookie but the more you fight, the better weapons and gear you gain access to.

Vast Virtual World - Explore the island of Malden, an island in the Mediterranean covering 62 square kilometers! Simply exploring the island is a game all on its own.

Competitive Modes - Fight in three different competitive modes in teams of 5 players. From capturing points in Link, to stealing data in Raid, to simply fighting other teams in Clash, you better bring your A game.

Combat Patrol Mode - Team up with 10 other players for the fun and fast paced PVE Combat Patrol Mode. Take on AI controlled opponents and seek out procedurally generated objectives, and have a blast doing it!

Scenario Editor - You can create and play in your own missions using the game's built in scenario editor. Set triggers, place waypoints and enemies, and much more!