ARGO Online is a post apocalyptic MMORPG with RTS elements. It combines great Fantasy- and futuristic Steampunk - Style elements into a bombastic online RPG which teleports you into a post-world-war realm and coerce you to choose between these two races: The Noblian – apologists of technology and progress or the “Floresslah” which are living in symbiosis with nature. Which one would you chose? Do you see the future of mankind in the evolution of technologies or in the symbiosis with nature?

Argo Online is a Fantasy Game and MMORPG set in a dystopian steampunk Earth in the distant future, and is best known for its innovative combat mechanics and enormous open-world environments.

Argo Online offers two distinct factions, the Noblians and the Floresslahs. The Noblians are a race of technologically advanced steampunk warriors and crafters that use machinery as weapons and aids, whereas the Floresslahs are a mystical race in tune with the laws of nature, wielding them do achieve their modest goals.

Argo Online Key Features

Two Factions - Will you side with the technologically advanced, steampunk-inspired Nobilians, or will you side with the nature loving, wise Floressiahs?

RTS And MMORPG Meet - ARGO is at first an action RPG featuring beautiful 3D graphics and fast-paced combat, but the strategic elements cannot be ignored; you must proceed carefully!

Unique Setting - Set in a dystopian and futuristic world where technology and nature collide, Argo is a wonderful sci-fi glimpse into the question of who will triumph; nature, or machines?