ARK Park is a multiplayer exploration experience that has been designed from the ground up to harness the most immersive VR theme park available for PC. This interactive experience will fulfill your dreams of entering a world where living breathing dinosaurs are roaming the earth. This open, sandbox world has been designed solely with exploration in mind; there is no set plot or storyline. Engage in multiplayer tour to share the visceral gameplay and the thrill of witnessing actual dinosaurs up-close. Enter this wonderful prehistoric world, and immerse your senses in your surroundings.

ARK Park Key Features

Amazing Immersive Experience - Enter a prehistoric world where dinosaurs still rule and roam the land. Get as close to them as it is possible to get without an ambitious cloning project.

Vast Open World - ARK Park is designed to be a simulator and exploration experience, not a plot-driven game. There is no central story or chain of quests to complete; there is just a huge open world to explore!

Play Together - Join up with friends and explore this wild, wild world together. There is safety to be found in numbers as you explore and encounter these fantastic creatures. Visceral gameplay and thrilling close encounters with dino-kind await!