Arkheim is a cross-platform MMORTS with city-building elements and in-depth lore. Created by the same studio that brought the popular Travian, this venture takes some familiar mechanics and sets them squarely in a fantasy setting. And it pits two age-old rival races against one another to settle the score for good.

Arkheim, the once sprawling titular empire has been decimated, and only airborne fragments remain. At the centre of the realm sits a great Ark which players must imbue with the power of the three moons as they seek ultimate power. As the relics scattered throughout the fallen empire prophesise that only the worthy will ascend to a kingdom of Eternal Light. And only the most powerful emperors will make the cut.

Players assume the role of an Ascendant, gifted with rare abilities that will help see their empires flourish. Through building a strong economy and subjugating external threats, players can ascend to even higher islands in the sky, with the mightiest realm eventually reaching the Eternal Light.

Arkheim Key Features

Pick a Side - Choose between stalwart dwarves or ferocious elves. This legendary rivalry reaches its zenith in Arkheim as the two distinct races battle for the ultimate supremacy. Either harness the powers of nature with the elven race, or unleash enduring hell on the opposition with dwarven craftsmanship.

Fight or Unite - Play alongside people from around the world. Whether it’s a war of territorial expansion or an alliance to combine resources and lands, players will always find a fellow player to engage with. Tactical round-based PvP battles are won more easily with friends at your side. Unite to subjugate the enemy and rise to fulfil the prophecy.

Command Unique Warlords - At the head of each army stands a warlord with unique abilities. Buffs in the form of increased army defence or attack, or tactical support such as post-battle resurrection powers, can help change the tides of battle in a pinch. Pick warlords wisely to ensure they synergise with the troops, then dominate the enemy.