Armada Battle is a free to play browser-based naval action game where you are the captain of your own ship, sailing in search of combat, treasure, and adventure! You begin with a very small boat, capable of only raiding the easiest targets and fighting the smallest of sea monsters. However, the booty you earn will enable you to purchase bigger and bigger ships, and equip your ships with better guns, equipment, and more. You are in command, and the vast ocean stretches before you, with its secrets and riches to discover. Fight against fearsome sea monsters. Exchange broadsides with enemy vessels. Find treasures a king would be envious of!

Armada Battle Key Features

Fight Sea Monsters - Man the harpoons and take on fearsome sea monsters! Who knows what horrors lurk beneath the waves, down in the deep...

PvP Battles - Once you get some experience as a captain, you can sail your ship into the ultimate test of skill! Battle it out against other players for rankings and rewards.

Story Based Quests - You can accept and complete story-based tasks, earning rewards and learning some of the lore.

Form An Armada - Armada Battle lives up to its name; you can form great fleets of up to 200 ships, and battle against other armadas. You can even seize their islands for your own use!