Armada Online is an Online-Only, space-based RPG set in a pseudo 3/4 isometric perspective. In AO you will take part in a vast universe, taking a role as a starship captain, honing your character's skills and amassing great wealth as well as building up your ship into a great powerful vehicle. There are a multitude of different Main Guns, Secondary systems, lots of enemies, and two different factions to play for: Nomad Empire or the United Systems. You will also be interacting with NPCs, other players and various power-trading Outposts as well as taking part in a series of instanced scenario campaigns to further increase your overall strength and destroy Armada invaders, as well as eliminating the opposing faction.

NOTE: The Armada Online website is very out of date, and the game seems to be abandoned.

Armada Online Key Features

Interesting Strategy - You have a lot of toys to play with, and interesting choices to make. Some enemies have vulnerable spots, split into smaller creatures when destroyed, explode when killed, or enhance all aliens around them, creating tactical priorities and interesting roles for specialized ships to play. You can creatively use ships, summons, and teamwork to overcome tough situations.

Varied Experiences - Different areas offer unique experiences. Some areas are open RPG zones, cooperative tower defense, or Dota-like maps. All areas are highly replayable, and you can try a different approach every time.

Play How You Like - You can be creative with how you set up your ship, powers, and skills. Experiment with different builds in different zones. Become a stealth operator, summon stations, teleport in for surprise attacks, or support your allies with repairs and special abilities. Choose skills that enhance your ship's speed, attack power, or give it unusual methods of escaping the enemy or countering their defenses.

Openness - Instantly warp where you wish, at any time. Join with others to hunt the Armada, mine asteroids alone if you prefer, or warp into the Neutral Zone to battle other players.