Artifact is a fantasy CCG with MOBA elements designed by a collaborative effort between Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering, and Valve corporation. Artifact is designed to give TCG / CCG enthusiasts the deepest gameplay and highest fidelity experience ever in a fantasy card game. Like many CCGs, you will construct a deck of fantastic monsters, spells, and heroes, and use your deck to battle it out against your opponents. Unlike many online CCGs, players will actually be able to buy, sell, and trade cards via an in-game marketplace, thus allowing players to recoup investments on the cards they purchase or win.

Artifact Key Features

All Star Legacy - Richard Garfield is the prolific game designer behind Magic: The Gathering, the first and most successful CCG of all time. Now he and Valve team up to deliver an online CCG that is even deeper!

Build A Deck - At launch Artifact will feature a core set of 280 cards, including 44 different Heroes. Build a deck of Heroes, creatures, spells, and more, and face off against other players in casual or competitive events and matches.

Buy, Sell, Trade - Cards in CCGs do not come freely - either effort or money goes into obtaining them. In Artifact, you can freely sell, buy, and trade your cards, ensuring you do not lose that investment of time or money.