Ascent - The Space Game is a space MMO set in a future where civilisation has almost completely collapsed. Players must work together to prevent total disaster, and rebuild a civilisation of their own choosing. Ascent is an online multiplayer 3D space simulator with Combat, Trading, Exploration, Starbase Construction, Research, Custom-built Ships, Planetary Mining and Farming, Asteroid Mining, Gas Giant Harvesting, Wreck Salvaging, Colonization (up to 200,000 structures per colony or Outer Star Base) and now, your own NPC pilot fleet! Ascent is released in seasons, each adding more content, more story, and more options.

Season One is the turning point for humanity. Either the player will lift us from the encroaching Dark Age, or the great downfall will be upon us. Season Two is the first foray into Space Combat for the player. The player will optionally be able to select a season two starting position, although the S1 missions will still be available. And in Season Three, players are able to begin expanding the human race's settlements with their own colony. Season Three is where we start to claw our way back into the stars.

Ascent Key Features

Explore - Over 270,000,000,000 star systems, with unique planets and discoveries. Maybe one of them will hold the secret of rekindling human civilization.

Be In Control - Customize your ship's visual appearance, colonize new worlds in deep space, construct your own Starbase in deep space, from a small base of operations to a giant industrial complex.

Get Wealthy - Mine asteroids floating in space for valuable minerals. Resources make the world - and the galaxy - go 'round.

Space Combat - Fighter to fighter dogfights scaling up to destroyer vs. destroyer broadside duels. Engage in ship to ship action, for the future of mankind.