ASDA Global is a free to play MMORPG which carries on the long running and popular ASDA series of games, set in a time of broken alliances and darkness. A long-running war has been brought to an end with two of the warring factions, Light and Dark, joining forces to overcome the third, Chaos. However, the truce between Light and Dark was short-lived, and war has returned to the land. Get ready to choose your side and enter a world of combat, adventure, and magic. Battle across the world in PvE and PvP content and enjoy every moment!

ASDA Global Key Features

Eight Playable Classes - Every player can find the perfect class to suit them in ASDA Global. Pick from one-handed sword, two-handed sword, spear, crossbow, bow, attack mage, support mage, and healing mage. You can further customize your character by adjusting their skills, customizing their appearance, and more.

Explore And Adventure - Complete hundreds of general quests by yourself or with a few friends. Should those quests become stale, pick up some repeatable suppression and dungeon quests to keep yourself in fun and loot. General quests and repeatable quests are available for all levels!

Get In The Fight - The two faction PvP system actually follows the cycle of day and night! The respective factions (Light and Dark) are stronger or weaker depending on the solar cycle. Consider the solar cycle, weather, terrain, and more as you engage the opposing faction in battle.

Find Your Soulmate - Become soulmates with another player and both of your characters will benefit. Play together to unlock special skills only for soulmates, such as the ability to teleport to one another, heal each other, and more. Other skills will increase your strength as you play together.

A Complete MMORPG - ASDA Global offers all of the extras and features you would expect from a modern MMORPG. Join a guild with friends, seek out hundreds of achievements, collect powerful pets, and much, much more. There is always adventure to be had and new objectives to pursue.