Asda Story 2 is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG with anime-styled graphics, eight class options, and a unique soul mate system. Join us in the re-imagining of the popular fantasy anime MMORPG, Asda Story! Start your adventure in Alpen, the capital of the Asda Empire, and start enjoying the great features our world has to offer!

Asda Story 2 Key Features

Eight Playable Classes - From the tank role, to healers, buffers, and several types of damage dealers, you’re sure to find something to fit your play style! Pick from one-hand sword, two-hand sword, spear, crossbow, bow, attack mage, support mage, or healing mage!

Hardcore PvP - Join the Light or Dark faction to compete in the Faction War! Take on the other faction in the battle to capture bases in Occupational War, or take them out in the kill-all Deathmatch mode!

Find Your Soulmate - Become soulmates with another player and become even stronger! Level up together and gain special skills only for soulmates, such as the ability to teleport to, summon, heal, and revive! Other skills will increase your strength as you play together, and prevent the loss of experience on death! Kill 100 monsters together and gain a Golden Apple with extra experience and items!

Guilds, With Benefits - Create or join a guild, and work together to earn great benefits! Gather guild points from various actions, such as killing monsters, questing, digging, fishing, crafting, gaining titles, and much more! Donate those points to your guild to help it level, allowing your guild to grow larger and unlocking access to guild buffs to increase your power, speed, and experience!

Be Unique - With over 90,000 hair and face combinations, you don’t have to be a clone! Choose between 33 hairstyles with 24 colors each to make your character beautiful! 19 face styles with 6 eye colors each are also available, sporting various looks from cute or seductive, to serious or spaced out!