Ashen Empires is an isometric medieval fantasy MMORPG that utilizes classless progression and in-depth trade skill systems. Explore the world with your friends competing in open world PvP, no one is safe anywhere outside the safe zones. Choose to be an Orc, Human or Elf and invest points into either force, intelligence or agility to create your own unique class build.

Ashen Empires Key Features

Be Who You Want To Be - For players looking to stay out of the fray, or just wanting to escape for a while players can become farmers, cooks, carpenters, lumberjacks, chefs, miners, alchemists or blacksmiths. Run around planting seeds and harvesting your crop or chopping logs into more usable sizes, whatever you want to do there is plenty of fun to be had in Ashen Empires.

Customize - Accounts on Ashen Empires are able to contain up to four characters per server. When creating a character, the player can choose one of three races: human, night elf (also known as Astari), or Orc. It is one of the few MMORPG's of the era which included customization of appearances.

Freedom Of Progression - There is a total of seventy-one skills in the game; these skills include armed and unarmed combat, magery (spellcasting), and trade skills. Specific examples include Mining, Iron Forging, Baking, Planting, Harvesting, and Large Blades.