Asker Online a.k.a. Asker: The Light Swallowers, formally known as Project Black Sheep, is an upcoming fantasy action MMORPG from the Korean Neowiz. In a world based on the middle ages there's a secret organization, the Black Sheep, belonging to the pope, investigating the supernatural events occurring.

Asker Online Features

Be a part of the agency - You will play as a new member of the secret organization: Black Sheep.

Secrets and plots - Solve the secrets of the super natural and the organization itself

Vision Engine - The new physics engine will change the way you look at an MMORPG. You will be able to destroy walls in dungeons to avoid obstacles and monsters or just to find a better way or more secrets. Use your imagination to interact with your surroundings

Hit boxes - Be a master at bringing down enemies, target arms, legs heads or any other body part. They will all have their own hit box. The monsters can also be damaged with surrounding objects. A boss might accidentally knock over a pillar and damage another monster

Dynamic world - Randomized dungeons, vivid weather effects, destructible surroundings. The game will be an instance-based one

Travel your way - You can use grappling hooks to move trough the world.