Assault Fire is a top tier free-to-play MMOFPS game that blends together the concepts of traditional MMOFPS games with a bit of sci-fi elements on the side. Relying on several very different game modes, from the more classic modes such as arming and disarming bombs or eliminate the rival soldiers, to the simulation in which you will drive combat vehicles such as tanks war or combat armor known as mechs. The game places you into an on-going war between humans and mutants and you’re asked to choose a faction to fight for. Choose your side and get into the battle, and be ready to fight to win.

Assault Fire Key Features

Factions - There are two factions to choose from; the first faction is the GSDU which is basically run by the government whereas the other faction is the Resistance which was formed by a bunch of renegades who were against the methods of the GSDU. The faction you choose has a substantial impact on your gameplay as there is certain equipment that is restricted to each faction.

All the Modes - You will find all your favorites modes that you like to play in other online fps games In assault Fire. Like zombies? We have our infection monsters! You like to play with robots? We mechs! Like war tanks? We have them too! Like the classic modes like planting bombs or play every man for himself? They are present in Assault Fire!

Customize to the Max - Players can customize their equipment exactly according to their preferences and you have a ton of options to choose from when doing so. Once you’ve progressed through the game a bit you’ll have access to a wide array of primary weapons, secondary weapons and other equipment that you can put together to create a weapon load-out that suits your play-style.