Asterix and Friends is a colorful, comical and entertaining free to play browser and mobile based strategy MMO where you take on the role of an indomitable Gaul warrior, responsible for rebuilding one of the villages sacked by the invading Roman army under the command of Caesar himself. Players have to manage all aspects of their city/village like build buildings, collect resources, raise a resistance and go head-to-head against the Roman legionnaires that threaten your lands. The game is true to the Asterix & Obelix franchise in both style and graphics and throughout your journey you will meet a number of famous faces from the cartoons and comics that will both help and hinder you in your journey.

It is the 50 BC and the Roman Legion has occupied Gaul, controlling all the territory, less a small group of villages which stand defiant against the Roman occupation, being a constant nuisance for his denial to be conquered. At the command of Emperor Caesar the Roman army has devastated nearby villages which have refused to pay taxes to their Roman “rulers”. These homeless refugees have asked for help to the most fearsome Gauls to ever stand up against the Roman might, two legendary warriors who stand impassively before the power of Rome: Asterix and Obelix.

Asterix and Friends Main Features

Your Favorite World - Play in a world true to the Asterix and Obelix franchise! Wonderfully drawn environments and characters emulate the style of the comics and cartoons.

Make it Your Own - Rebuild your village and construct new buildings. Gather resources and craft items to better equip your gathering forces. Take on the Roman Legions who have invaded your land!

Free And Easy - Play directly in your Internet browser with no downloads, no contracts, anywhere, anytime! Asterix and Friends is completely free to play, so get ready to punch a Roman!