Asteroids: Outpost is an open world survival sci-fi sandbox MMORPG where players step into the role of prospectors and miners in the asteroid belt, working to make their fortunes by extracting rare resources to fuel mankind's expansion into the far corners of the solar system and to support colonies on the Moon and Mars. In Asteroids: Outpost, you must survive in the hostile, alien environment of "the Belt", an environment as dangerous as any frontier mankind has ever explored. Build and defend a base, extract and transport rare and valuable minerals, and explore the reaches of the asteroid belt. Survival means grit, determination, and more than a bit of luck, but for those who can brave the dangers and survive, untold riches await; have you got what it takes to survive the newest gold rush?

Asteroids: Outpost Game Features

Scavenge And Reuse - Mine rare minerals and scavenge abandoned outposts for supplies and materials, so that you can upgrade and repair your gear. In the harsh environment of Asteroids: Outpost, you can afford to waste nothing!

Build Your Base - Construct an outpost and then upgrade and defend it! In Asteroids: Outpost, you can build a very highly customized base with a range of functions and components.

Suit Up - Armor your character up in a high tech, multi purpose space suit and equip them with high tech tools and weapons to go explore, fight, and prospect. Upgrade your gear to keep you well protected from any hazards.

Why Walk When You Can Drive - Drive around the asteroid in an upgradeable rover, but remember; you must carefully manage your oxygen and energy reserves, and you can only carry so much gear and cargo with you!