Astonia Reborn is a free to play 2D isometric MMORPG that delivers classic MMO gameplay in a fantasy world of heroes, demons, and magic. in the land of Astonia, demons roam free, wild animals threaten the citizens, and civilization is at the brink of disaster. Players join the ranks of the Astonian Imperial Army, choose whether to be a warrior or a mage, and then stand firm against the hordes of demons that threaten the land. As you grow you will advance in rank and power, developing new skills and gaining the ability to use better and better equipment. With a skill based system, you can create the exact character you wish to play, and save Astonia from demons and darkness.

Astonia Reborn Key Features

Class And Skill - Characters do choose a class, but a wide array of skill and profession choices and options ensures deep character optimization. You can create the exact character you wish to play!

Wide Wild World - Explore more than 50 different regions and complete hundreds of main and side quests. There is plenty to see and do, monsters to fight and rewards to discover.

Player Vs Player Combat - For fans of PvP, you are free to engage in normal player vs player battles or in larger clan vs clan fights. The thrill of PvP is alive and well.

Grow In Power - Advance through military ranks, gaining power and prestige. Discover rare and powerful items to give your character the edge. Advance through experience levels and become a mighty hero.