Astonishia Online is a high fantasy 3D turn-based MMORPG. Korea seems perpetually locked in MMO fever, turning even the most unlikely titles into fully-fledged online worlds so it should be no surprise that one of their home grown RPG series, Astonishia Story, got the same treatment with the imaginatively titled Astonishia Online: Return of the Legend (어니스토니시아 온라인).

Looking at the news section of the official site is appears that the game was only available for play in 2010 and is closed now. Even then the game was only in closed beta test. From the (auto-translated) blogs I’ve read about it players weren’t particularly enamored with the game, citing poor character customization, really quite shocking bugs and a lack of balance as some of the reasons for their frustration.


100 years ago the Life Tree died and the elves began to die. Brimhil, the eternally youthful queen of the elves, gave up her youth to revive the Tree. 100 years later, in the present, elves are being mistreated by humans and a half-elf Francis De La Cross attempts to obtain the power of the god-like creature to turn the tables and restore Brimhil's youth before she dies.

This game is in Korean only