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Astro Conquest Astro Conquest Astro Conquest Astro Conquest Astro Conquest Astro Conquest Astro Conquest Astro Conquest

Astro Conquest

Astro Conquest is a free to play browser-based sci-fi strategy game of space battles, exploration, resource management and more. Space is vast, and there is wealth and glory to be won by those with the will to do so. Capture or build stations and bases to generate power and harvest resources. Build a fleet of starships to protect your interests, and fly them into combat against your enemies. Research new vessels and technologies to stay ahead of your enemies! The trifecta of research management – research – military strategy that defines many grand RTS games awaits. Can you balance these priorities and expand your empire? Or will your ships and bases become just another sprinkling of interstellar dust?

Astro Conquest Key Features

All Your Base(s) – Bases are the cornerstone of building a proper space empire. They generate the resources required for construction, research, and more. Defend your bases at all costs, and do not hesitate to upgrade them!

Multiplayer  – Team up with other players in an alliance; after all, there is strength in numbers. Fight in intense battles for control of resources and bases against other players. Friend and foe alike await.

Research And Build – A wide array of space vessels await, optimized for roles from electronic warfare to reconnaissance to multirole combat vessels. Research new technologies and ships to maintain a cutting edge advantage.

Grand Strategy – Balance your desires for expansion and research against the requirements of defense and maintenance. The key to victory is to know when to attack, when to defend, and when to simply wait.


Astro Conquest

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