Astro Lords: Oort Cloud is a free-to-play 3D multiplayer space-strategy game, with combat management in real time. The game was developed on the Unity 3D engine for web browsers, PC/MAC, iOS and Android, this allows players access to an unlimited game universe.

You are the master of an asteroid providing you with energy and crystals to build factories, cyborgs, and weapons. Your Captains board spaceships to shoot at and destroy enemy spaceships and bosses. You clinch alliances and pilot your asteroid through space to raid other asteroids. You shoot and loot and become stronger every day. But are you the mightiest Astro Lord in the Oort Cloud?

Astro Lords Key Features

Build - The players home bases are asteroids, on which crystals are mined, energy produced, factories built. All those resources will be used to produce ammunition and spare parts for their spaceships.

Shoot - Players can board spaceships to shoot at and destroy enemy spaceships or Alien Bosses. These battles take place in real-time, which allows players to actively take part in the game. They can fight in these battles whenever they like – or they can entrust a battle to their Captain.

Raid - Players can send out spies to other asteroids, close strategic alliances, or attack enemy asteroids to loot or capture them. Once they’ve acquired the appropriate skills, players can control their asteroid’s movements, form alliances and start raids.