Asura Force is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG. The game features two factions and five classes. There are many quests, instances, PvP, events, and more. In Asura Force legend, there were five mighty deities in heaven in ancient time. They are Goddess Nuwa, Mortal King Cosmos, Water-god Gonggong, Fire-god Zoorong and War-god Xingtan. In order to compete for the throne of heaven, except Nuwa who prefers to bring benefits to common people wholeheartedly, other four deities led a great war every 500 years. Nevertheless, Cosmos was always the winner to be an emperor since the first war.

Asura Force Key Features

Force Crystal - Discover Legendary runes and ancient mystery Force Crystals to enhance you and your pets.

Who's The Boss! - All the boss battles you dream of!

PVP - For everyone the right challenge in the magnificent classic PVP mode. Next to that there are tribe war, weekly city battles and other battles.

Always Progress - An unique auto-fight system and offline training mode will make sure you level-up very fast and easy.

Progressive Instance - Instances have a new outlook with special reputation and instance team system.

The Way You Look - Go to fashion salon to change the way you look

Special Kind Of Power - Do quests, go to auctions and make some serious money!