Athanaton, Immortal in Greek , is a free-to-play strategy browser game with Greek Mythology background. Because of its creative features and beautiful scenes, Athanaton grew in popularity quickly, attracting a large and dedicated community. Players in Athanaton build cities by managing resources, construction projects, and personnel. Face off against enemies, seek out wealth and secret artifacts, and begin building your own empire.

NOTE: As of November 2018, the Athanaton official site is still live, but has not been updated since 2014. The game seems to be abandoned.

Athanaton Key Features

City - Each player in Athanaton has a city in which they gather food, create buildings and develop heroes. You have to manage your town in order to get more food, (high level) buildings and Special heroes

Area - In each area silver mines and other players awaits you. You can colonize other players and occupy silver mines, in order to get more power. You can however also be colonized and lose your silver mines to other players.

Campaign - Beat opposing troops to get your titles and high-level/ rare objects for your city. After you defeated the special enemy troops, you can move to a new area and start a new campaign.

World - On the world map you can see all areas accessible to you. The higher your level, the more areas are open to you. You can invest in areas to collect reputation or move to other areas. You can attack players and your group can occupy territories of other factions.

Farm - You can occupy farms for 4 hours and there harvest the food. The longer your occupies a farm, the more food you will gain.