Atlantica Online is a free to play fantasy MMORPG developed by NDOORS. Unlike other MMORPGs, Atlantica is turn-based, adding in some elements of RTS games; the player controls a party consisting of their hero and a few NPC mercenaries. Combat is performed like a console RPG, with opposing sides taking turns performing their actions, which include basic attacks, usage of skills, usage of items, guarding, and retreating. Players can select from one of 9 classes when starting out, and mercenaries of all class types can also be recruited, with the exception of the two newest classes, musician and power saw. Players will be better than mercenaries, however, as they have access to special player-only skills. Can you unlock the secrets of Atlantica Online, and learn the dark and mysterious past of Atlantis?

Atlantica Online Key Features

Fantastic Setting -Atlantians became prosperous after they discovered a magical substance called Oriharukon, but the more they sought to learn, the more damage they caused to themselves. Eventually, their greedy quest destroyed many of the world's greatest civilizations, from the Indus Valley to Mesopotamia and Egypt. Can you unlock the clues to the past... and avoid repeating the same mistakes?

RPG Meets RTS - Atlantica Online utilizes a unique turn-based style of combat and allows control of up to NINE characters. This allows players some breathing room and time to think in combat, and allows lots of diversity in how you create your party!

Quests, Loot, And More - With quests to undertake and long-forgotten places to explore, monsters to overcome and treasures to win, Atlantica Online is very much a true MMORPG! Immerse yourself in the story and world, and seek out adventure!