Atomic Space Command is a buy to play multi-crew co-op/competitive spaceship combat game played in a Solar Arena. Atomic Space Command is everything you ever wanted in a space-ship-building and arena-combat-with-friends game! Build, crew and conquer with co-op multiplayer ships in a solar system arena to become the Atomic Overlord – or at least, try not to die! Experience thrilling space combat action strategy with a touch of simulation that pits you and your friends' ships against ships built and operated by enemy players and their friends. Its them against you, and winning takes skill, teamwork, and more than a bit of luck!

NOTE: As of January 2017, No You Shut Up! Games has officially been dissolved. Atomic Space Command is still available through Steam as of Dec 2017, but is receiving no further support.

Atomic Space Command Key Features

Build Your Ship - Build a custom ship to survive in the Solar Arena. Pick a chassis and outfit it with snap-on reactors, shields, weapons, life support, computers and hacking parts. Pick from your roster of Atomic Commanders and redshirts to crew it.

Work Together - The basic systems are complete for networked players to build a multiplayer ship in a hangar together!

Head To Head Action - A versus Solar Arena with two sides of up to two ships, with each ship having up to four players.

Bring Your Friends - Bring your friends along in multiplayer mode. They'll help you build, lend you parts and Atomic Commanders. It's hard to fly a big ship alone. You'll need their help once things get crazy.

Manage All Systems - Ships are complex machines to keep running. Assign crewmembers. Manage resources. Power up your reactors and allocate power. Repair components when they get damaged. Heal your crew and keep them breathing even under RED ALERT.

Dominate Space - Win by seizing and holding planets. Guard them so that they don't get stolen. Build weapons, fighter launchers and shields on them so that they can defend themselves. Come back to them to refuel and repair. Build the Spice Generator to push your team into victory! For whoever controls the Spice... controls a small simulated solar system in an indie game for, like, fifteen minutes or so!