Audition Online is a popular free to play online dance & rhythm game with over 300 million registered users. Dance with your friends to your favorite songs and compete in dance battles! Audition has a wide variety of action-packed game modes to choose from so that players with different skill levels and game-play preferences can pick the mode that is just right for them. From practice mode, to story mode, to freestyle battle to battleparty, there is definitely a lot to do in Audition Online. Strut your stuff on the dance floor and show off both your fashion sense and your killer moves as you lay it down in front of your friends; do you have the moves and the nerve to step into Audition Online and lay it down in front of competitors and spectators from around the world?

Audition Online Key Features

Many Modes - Over 20 different game modes to choose from, from danceoffs to fashion shows. Dress to impress and outshine the rest.

Show Your Style - Thousands of outfits, hairstyles, shoes and fashion accessories to deck out your character! Make sure you look hot on that dance floor!

Living, Dynamic Game - Constantly updated every few days to add new content, music, clothes and dance moves, so that Audition stays fresh.

Play With Old Friends And Make New Ones - Stay connected with new friends, old friends, and hipsters from all around the world with a built-in instant messenger, friends list, and more.