Aura Kingdom Mobile is a free to play RPG for mobile devices based in Azuria, the same fantasy world as the classic PC-based Aura Kingdom MMORPG. In Aura Kingdom Mobile, players become powerful heroes known as Envoys who were summoned by the Goddess of Creation, Gaia, to defend the world. To fight back against the darkness that threatens Azuria, players must work together with one another, and with powerful summonable heroes known as Eidolons. Collect these eidolons on your adventures throughout Azuria, assemble them into powerful teams, and lead them into battle. Can you form a team powerful enough to push back the darkness, once and for all?

Aura Kingdom Mobile Key Features

Collect Eidolons - Summon over 100 different Eidolons to assemble your ultimate troop, and save the world from eternal darkness. In addition, you will learn their unique stories as you play!

Gameplay Challenges - Engage in 1 vs 1 arena matches, Tag Team Tournaments, Raid Instances, GVG Tournament Duels, and various PVE trial instances!

Tackle the Tower - Climb the 100 level high Sky Tower, and face off against fearsome foes and challenges. Team-up with guild members and win incredible rewards!

Loads To Do - From customizing your character's appearance with hundreds of clothing options, to fishing, cooking, mining, and treasure hunting, there's always more to experience!