Aurcus Online is a free to play fantasy MMORPG for smartphones and mobile devices with exhilarating touch-based combat and controls. Exciting aerial combos with easy to control skills and attacks ensure that everyone can play Aurcus Online, and the engaging storyline and world will draw you in. The world itself is threatened by a gathering darkness, and the nations of the world could not put aside their differences long enough to face the threat. To ensure the survival of the entire world, a stateless organization, named the Sword of Aurcus, was created, attracting heroes from across the lands of Leveria. You are one of those heroes.

Aurcus Online Key Features

Aerial Action Combat - Combine simple, tap to execute skills into chains and combos, and defeat your enemies with devastating aerial attacks! You are in full control of your character; get ready to fight!

Vast Open World - Explore and quest across Leveria, facing enemies, meeting the locals, and exploring hidden areas. Learn new crafting professions, meet new people, and enjoy new content regularly!

Social Game Experience - Get into the arena and take on all comers in fearsome PvP combat. Chat with new and old friends from all over the world. Multiplayer mobile gaming is fast, fun, and free!