Auto Club Revolution is a free-to-play online racing game, featuring real-world cars, cool upgrades and tracks to suit every driving style. Two years after Auto Club Revolution’s introduction on PC, the free-to-play motorsport experience is entering a new era. Nothing less than a full remodelling, this “2.0” version of the game is currently undergoing testing to get feedback from its long-time members and new fans of the ACR community to make the game an even more amazing experience!

Auto Club Revolution Key Features

Auto Club Redone - Auto Club Revolution is rebuild from the ground up. Two years were spent laying the foundation of an authentic community-driven game for fans of automotive culture. "We have hundreds of thousands of players worldwide that motivate us to push the ACR experience even further, and now we are bringing the best ideas to fruition.”

All The Cars You Want - Already featuring over 50 of the world’s leading manufactured cars like McLaren, BMW, Ford and Bentley, a wide range of new manufacturers and car models have been added to the virtual line-up (such as RUF and Maserati), new interiors are to be added to boost the stunning level of detail.

Hear And Feel The Beasts - Fresh bespoke audio and engine sounds have also been reproduced to deliver an authentic sound experience for full player immersion. Vehicle physics have been overhauled to not only enhance realism but also competitive fun.

Admire Your Collection - Players will be able to create a 360 degree garage with all their cars in it.