Avalon Heroes is a free tactical MMO game and a battle game with exciting online matches similar to games like DotA Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends. In this free-to-play MMORTS and MMORPG, the player chooses his side from the two factions Oriens and Aeonia, plays with friends or against them and masters up to 100 different Heroes.

This game was 100% free, you just need to create an account, install the client and you’re good to go. The Battle Mode is where players can compete against the other faction and prove their worth, using their tactical expertise to overcome the enemy attacks. In the Arena Mode, you’re on your own with the Hero you selected to beat the Legendary Mob. The Adventure Mode asks you to defeat some of the strongest bosses in Avalon Heroes, with help of up to eight friends. The Plaza Mode is the place to relax, chat with your friends, create or join a guild and improve your equipment while getting prepared for the next battle.

Unfortunately the game has been shut down for some time. If you think this game is something for you should definitely try DotA2, League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth.