Avalon Lords, also known as Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises, is a massive multiplayer real time strategy sandbox game, where you are the lord of your capital city. You must grow your city, making it not only more prosperous but also better able to withstand possible attack. As you grow larger, you can decide to add additional cities to your ever increasing empire and form alliances with neighboring city-states and empires. Be prepared for war; attack may come at any time, and of course, you may wish to attack others an expand your empire by force. Build watch towers and other defenses so that you can spot your enemy through the Fog of War, and plan your defenses when the attack comes. Will you hide within your city's walls, and try to weather the siege, or will your forces ride out to meet the attackers on the open field? Use strategic planning, tactical quick thinking, and every other advantage you can find - it's going to be a tough fight!

NOTE: The official webpage for Avalon Lords is offline, and the game appears abandoned, as of November 2018.

Avalon Lords Key Features

Intricate City Building - Build your city and your forces and do not ignore either civil or military needs; good roads are a boon to both your armies and your economy, and watchtowers ensure trade flows safely, with the most warning of attack. Build one city or an empire; you are limited only by ambition and the strength of your armies!

Logistics, Trading, And Diplomacy - You must manage the production and transport of scarce and important resources, and be ready to open trade routes with neighbors to ensure as few logistical delays as you can. Good roads and a booming economy can be more convincing than an army when it comes to luring new cities to join your empire!

Combat - Diplomacy is simply not always enough - sometimes, you must fight! Test your mettle against players from all around the world, and prove to them that the rightful ruler of the lands is you!