BALLOON Saga is an action-packed multiplayer online shooter with emotional balloons, alien invaders, gunfights on the streets of the Wild West, and much more. Experience its animated and humorous style as you shoot and fight your way through a game which will never let you get bored. Unlock rewards as you fight and shoot your way past obstacles and enemies. Compete in insane battles with friends from all over the world. Play and laugh your way through more than twenty different levels, against all sorts of insane enemies. The focus in BALLOON Saga is all about fun!

BALLOON Saga Key Features

Choose Your Emoticon - Take your pick from a wide variety of whacky characters. You can choose from more than 50 different emoticons - sad, happy, angry, kind, cute, or just crazy!

Insane Gameplay - Move about the battlefield as never before, as you run, jump, and even fly over your enemies. Watch out for the myriad traps and tricks as you battle it out. Do well enough, and you might win a prize!

Loads To Do - Fight across more than 20 different game levels. Each level has unique traps and tricks up its sleeve. Compete against other players from around the world, and climb the global rankings!