Join the free multiplayer browser-based basketball game that is Basketdudes. Create you dream team, choosing everything from your team name, strip and logo to the players themselves. Win matches and upgrade your team, buy new players and show off your basketball skills. Play against other real players from all around the world. Do you have what it takes to be one of the top cyber basket ball teams of all time? As a real-time 3D Action Sports PvP game with arcade style mechanics and an RPG Trading Card system; BITOON GAMES is putting a twist on sports games. The path to sports glory awaits; do you have the skill and drive to walk it?

BasketDudes Key Features

Build A Team - Improve your players skills,obtain powerups and compete in online basketball matches with players from all over the world. Start your own team and compete in the World Basketball Club Competition to become the number one team. With unique twists on how sports games are played and with only a small download required, there has never been a better reason to try a game such as BasketDudes.

Collect Them All - BasketDudes is not a "run of the mill" basketball simulator, it has a series of elements which make it unique. The players are independent characters and are collectible, each one with its own personality and background. You can only have one copy of each player in your team, but their development and progress is different for each one. Customize them with an array of elements, from special sneakers to tattoos, that improve their game skills.

Elevate Your Game - There are also cards which you can use during the match. These cards are PowerUps which will put your rivals in some pretty sticky predicaments and which bring a new and exciting element to the gaming experience. All of these elements will appear at the end of the matches in the form of rewards for your team.