Batheo is a free-to-play Greek mythology strategy browser game. Each gamer in Batheo owns one City, where they can buy and sell Crops, upgrade buildings and train heroes on routine basis. You need to upgrade your City level again and again as a prerequisite for growing Crops trade turnover and higher buildings’ levels and heroes’ levels in the game.

Batheo Key Features

Map-based Narrative - Map-based Narrative is one of Batheo’s original designs in which gamers need to accomplish all the challenges from one particular Map before moving to the next.

Customizable Battle Formations - Batheo offers 8 historical formations (Testudo, Lochoi, Crescent, etc.) for you to choose from with each having its own pros and cons.

Team up Your Choice of Hero Combination - As you defeat enemy legions, you may want to recruit heroes from these defeated legions. You can join Zeusian, or Athenian, or Poseidonian upon the defeat of Perseus at the beginning of the game.

Attribute Wash - Attribute Wash can improve heroes’ original attributes and thus battle skills. It is accessible to the newly recruited heroes. More Attribute Wash modes will be available for VIPs.

Various Equipments - In Batheo, you can choose your own armors, weapons, horses and troops. You may also arrange them differently to make them most effective.

Training Ground: In Training Ground, you can buy more Training Space for your heroes who can be trained offline through different training modes.

Spectacular League Battles for Prestige and Glory - Every night, each league leader can lead his league members to attack or defense those large farmlands located in World Map. Whoever seizes a farmland can collect large amounts of crops for FREE!