BatMUD is a text-based medieval fantasy Multi-User Dungeon, established in 1990, with over 50,000 subscribers and frequented daily by hundreds of players. With 44 races and 38 guilds spread across 5 backgrounds, BatMUD is one of the oldest and one of the most complex MUDs in the world. You've reached perhaps the most diverse multi-user online game that there is in existence to this date. BatMUD, the medieval themed fantasy role-playing game was brought to life in 1990, and has since then grown to be a most fascinating, long lasting and entertaining experience around. Whether you are a hardcore min-maxer or a merchant character with pure wanderlust, we welcome you to enjoy the game which utilizes the world's most sophisticated graphics engine - Your own imagination!

BatMUD Key Features

Immense, Thriving Community - By 2006, over 100,000 players had frequented the game, making it one of the largest text-based multiplayer games on the Internet. In the beginning of 2008, it had over 30,000 subscriptions. At the end of 2011, amount of subscriptions was similarly over 30,000 giving BatMUD a flat growth (amount of new players equal those who no longer frequent the game). It has been called a "very popular and complex game".

Immense Variety - A player initially creates a fantasy character by choosing a race, background (civilized, magical, evil religious, good religious or nomadic), alignment and a name for the character. As usual in role-playing games, there is no specific goal in the game. Players get experience points for various things their character does in the virtual environment of the MUD. For example, player character gets experience points from finding new rooms. BatMUD has over 16,000 unique rooms, plus a moderately large "outerworld".

Wonderful gameplay - BatMUD features a detailed combat system, player to player commerce, playerbuilt cities, seafaring vessels, mounts and hundreds of custom zones. Feel free to explore, quest, seek out new places, craft, roleplay, or do whatever else you wish!