Battalion 1944 is an action filled first person shooter designed with the Unreal 4 engine for Steam, Playstation 4, and Xbox One which places emphasis on player skill instead of gear and rank. Battalion 1944 was designed by a team who have grown up playing games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, and who have a very steep set of expectations when it comes to first person shooters. Quick thinking, sound tactics, and good aim are the tools of the trade, and doing well can earn you reknown and cosmetic rewards! Grab your Garand, your K98, or your Thompson, and get ready to fight from the streets of Carentan to the snowy Ardennes forests and beyond! Do you have the grit and guts to get out there and get the job done?

Battalion 1944 Key Features

Skill Based Gameplay - Skill determines who wins, not overpowered unlocks and abilities. Battalion 1944 merges the skill intense gameplay of classic FPS games with modern graphics for an unforgettable and immersive World War II experience.

Competitive Maps - Maps in Battalion 1944 are based on real locations and are designed around team based infantry combat, and require focus and competitive skill to master!

Your Identity Is Your Own - Your character and avatar are unique to you! You can refine your avatar and appearance by using unlocks earned in play, and become known throughout the game's community.