Battle Dawn is a browser strategy game built entirely with Flash. While most similar games are either text based or require you to download them, Battle Dawn has a completely graphical user interface and you don't have to download anything! Battle Dawn is an online multiplayer free-to-play game featuring three types of worlds with thousands of other real players. In Battle Dawn you will expand your rule over the entire world. You begin as a leader of a small colony, slowly garnering more followers through diplomacy, skill and strategy. Establish your colony, expand your borders and build a massive army. Outwit and outmaneuver your enemies and forge long-lasting friendships with allies who have a common goal. Can you lead your people to riches and success?

Battle Dawn Key Features

Engaging Story - After a catastrophe, almost all civilization was wiped from the face of the earth. Now you, as the leader of a surviving group of people, must start to build your colony and strive for world domination as the strongest Colony on earth! Engage in battles, take over countries, gain trust among allies or backstab anyone who gets in your way. You are the leader of your colony, you make the calls, you decide your own fate!

Browser Game - Browser-based games give you the freedom to play where, when, and how you wish; no download, no special client! Free, fast, and fun - what more could you ask?

Real Strategy Experience - Battle Dawn delivers all the features and excitement that diehard strategy game fans demand; unit construction and management, formation of allegiances, military campaigns and logistics. Can you master the intricacy?