Battle Mines is a free online empire-building strategy MMO from Red Asteroid Games. In Battle Mines, you lead a band of apocalypse survivors struggling to rebuild civilization. Each player controls a patch of land, and a battle mine. Cities are built, with the player deciding what buildings fill up limited city space. Will you build more mines, or cannons? Will you be a farmer, or an industrialist? The strategic elements are well-balanced, and progress is possible with a variety of play styles. What is a battle mine you may ask? A huge mobile construction, digging, and battle platform; a giant tank with covered in guns, drills and cranes. Battle Mines is a tongue-in-cheek strategy game played with your friends, or people you meet in the game. Now, get out there and mine and fight in your gigantic mobile mine-platform-tank thing!

Battle Mines Key Features

Lively Worlds - Detailed MMO universe full of building, combat and espionage. An incredible apocalyptic world lies before you. Giant centipedes scuttle over blasted landscapes in search of prey. Mutant plants brave the elements, only to wither under waves of fallout.

Strange People and Places - Gripping environment and a memorable cast of characters. Far away, the horsemen of the apocalypse wait to unleash terrible forces.All sit in a rusty red ocean, teeming with sea monsters and mystery. The people of this land are proud and hard-working. They till the soil, refine ore for trade, and research technology in an effort to survive.

So Much To Do- Achievement, exploration, social and conflict-based goals. To aid in their herculean task, each empire draws strength from a large and powerful machine known as a battle mine. Part tank, part drilling rig, part mobile storage: Battle mines lend safety and stability in a hostile world.

Economy - Realistic player-driven micro and macroeconomic systems add another layer of dynamic realism to the game; can you make a fortune by playing the market?