Battle of Beasts is a free to play browser-based strategy game which lets players take control of their very own horde of monsters. Build your army of monsters, great and small, train them well, and lead them into battle. You can fight your way across a multitude of different regions, discovering new and exciting things along the way. All sorts of strategy game mechanics await! From how you train your monsters to how you deploy them in battle, your every decision matters. From exploring the world to exciting PvP matches, Battle of Beasts offers an unforgettable strategy experience.

Battle Of Beasts Key Features

Collect Your Beasts - You must amass an army of monsters and lead them into battle. Feed them and train them well, and they will fight much better than if they're neglected and malnourished. You can even take control of dragons!

Guild Battles - During each season, guilds can compete against each other on the PvP map to earn Glory. The guilds with the most glory points at the end of a season will be awarded prizes relative to their standing, like special banners and items!

Conquer Regions - As you fight through the battles, you can gain control of regions within the game. There are nine different regions, all ripe for conquest. Lead your beasts into battle and claim them all!